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FHS SmokeLess Motor Oil

FHS SmokeLess Motor Oil

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FHS Supply & Manufacturing, Inc. has been specializing in cutting-edge racing oils & fuels and methanol/nitro-based R/C model fuels for over 35 years. FHS Superior Racing Oils & Fuels are the ULTIMATE in power, performance, and protection, making FHS products the BEST on the market. With the extreme stresses imposed by nitro-boosted fuels and highly-modified racing engines tweaked to the max, FHS is an absolute must! They are just what you need for high speed! Just ask the winners who use our products: FHS keeps your engines in top shape and puts you ahead on the finish line!Automotive ProductsIs your car burning oil & smoking?Do you want to go further between oil changes?Do you live in an area with tough emissions standards?Trying to fix an older vehicle without making expensive repairs?Do you have oil leaks?Do you experience lifter noise?Are you having white smoke problems?Is your cars transmission having slippage problems?Does your car have cracked blocks?Are you experiencing dry starts, stiffness, wear, chatter?Which would you rather do:Get another car..., or just get an oil change?Try FHS SmokeLess Oil: it's the no-smoke oil, stop-smoke oil, smoke-free oil. Pay for expensive repairs or just try some of FHS Solutions!TerminologyBlack Smoke: Black smoke is the result of partially-burned fuel being carried down the exhaust. This unburned fuel is wasteful, expensive, and a carcinogen.Blue Smoke: Pale, bluish-white smoke is the result of engine lubricating oil being burned in the engine's combustion chamber. This is normally due to worn valve guides or piston rings and requires extensive engine repair.White Smoke: Due to broken head gasket.SmokeLess OilFHS SmokeLess Oil is a pure, synthetic lubricant, derived from our high-performance racing oils, which is designed to bring new life, performance, and protection to an aging, worn engine. Manufactured from the finest ingredients with over 35 years of FHS engine lubrication technology: to stop engine oil smoking, to reduce emissions, to give a cleaner, more environmentally friendly, easier-to-sell vehicle. It is scientifically designed to revive your aging cars worn engine and stop it from smoking... FHS SmokeLess Oil is a scientific formulation that adds great value to older vehicles with worn engines. Immediately after using FHS SmokeLess Oil, the vehicle should no longer burn oil, smoke clouds of noxious fumes, or leak from minor cracks. Even the soot-blackened tailpipe should soon lighten in color. The car will continue to run cleanly, without smoking or burning oil, so long as it is filled with FHS SmokeLess Oil. You can be an environmentally aware citizen without paying huge repair bills.No Smoke = A better world for everyone.So, whether its called no-smoke oil, stop-smoke oil, anti-smoke oil, smoke-less oil, or smoke-free oil, if you want the gold magnum of oils, the one that actually works, use FHS SmokeLess Oil.
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